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  • Blending and shaping all the colours of sound to create complex but seemingly natural soundscapes that work wonders in steering narrative, emotional trajectory, and immersion of any given place, scene, or film, is my gravy. Hopefully with a little subtlety and a little less cliché.


    I love sound and its potential to  manipulate our responses or simply be beautiful!


    This year, my team and I were honoured with an Oscar, Bafta, European Sound Designer of the Year and The Cannes FIlm festivals artist / technician Palme: The Vulcan Award, all for the work on Jonathan Glazer’s "The Zone of Interest".


    The approach to sound design is deeply rooted in authenticity and creativity, shaping credible immersive experiences that enhance not just the visual storytelling of film, but hopefully be the backbone of what the audience is believing - because we process image but we react to sound.


    Lets push the boundaries of what sound can achieve in cinema.




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