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    Johnnie Burn is a multi-award winning sound designer. Along with partner Warren Hamilton, Johnnie founded Wave Studios in 1999, now in London, Amsterdam & New York. He started in commercials where his break through, and the companies' first work was the classic Guinness ’Surfer’ spot, this launched him to success with many commercials including Guinness ‘Dreamer’, ’Bet On Black’ & ‘Lava”, also Honda ‘GRRR’, Honda ‘COG’, Bridgestone ’Scream’, Audi ‘Bull’, ‘Spider’, ‘Satellite’ & ‘Wakeboarder’, Lanvin ‘Oxygene’, Xbox ‘Mosquito’, Stella Artois “devils Island’, Mercedes ‘Lucky Star’, Kiss FM ‘Music is Life’,,, just loads really.


    Johnnie has also been lucky to have sound designed and mixed many music videos working with icons including Madonna, Prince, George Michael, David Bowie, Richard Ashcroft, UNKLE and The Spice Girls, and a particular other feather in his cap is the design work of the entire SKYPE sound world where you hear him making weird throat noises when you log in.


    Wanting to challenge himself on a longer format, he was honoured to work with the amazing fellow perfectionist Jonathan Glazer on the extraordinary 2014 film UNDER THE SKIN, where the sound he and Jonathan spent a year mapping out went a long way toward telling the story, for this he gained much accolade. 


    This ability to create highly detailed and realistic yet still filmic and emotionally spellbinding sound led him to meet director Yorgos Lanthimos in 2015 to work on THE LOBSTER, THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER in 2017 and The Academy Award winning THE FAVOURITE in 2019. Johnnie has also headed up sound with Rupert Sanders on GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017), had great success with Trey Edward Shults’ WAVES (2019), and most recently has completed the incredible Francis Lee's soon to be released film AMMONITE, starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan.


    HIs passion is to encourage new talent, people, and to help create great independent cinema. The work tends to be highly detailed and realistic soundscape mixing, intelligent sound design, blurring the music/sound line, and having a great understanding of how to tell a story though sound by making the right choices on how it is recorded, composed, and mixed. His aim is to have people hear the world the way he does.

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